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Resort medicine

Health resort village medicine usually is based on known values – resort factors such as massage, physical medicine, different alternative healing. By using resort technologies in modest way and in accordant ambiance, which provides also relax and entertainment possibilities.

Resort factors in JĊĞrmala:
mild climate, fresh, richly activated air, mineral water, mud

We provide:
For cardio vascular illnesses:

  •     cardiologist consultation;
  •     express diagnosis;
  •     remedial gymnastics;
  •     cardio- fitness unit;
  •     relaxing massage (1.5 units);
  •     remedial gymnastics in pool;
  •     Nordic Walking;
  •     Fito-therapy.


For upheld movement organ illnesses:

  •     doctor – osteopath consultation;
  •     remedial gymnastics;
  •     underwater massage;
  •     classical massage (1.5 units);
  •     mud imposition;
  •     remedial gymnastics in pool;
  •     electric procedures (magnetical-therapy, laser therapy);
  •     SLING therapy;
  •     various types of general and chamber baths.


After insult:

  •     neurologist consultation;
  •     remedial gymnastics;
  •     ergo-physician consultation;
  •     speech therapist consultation;
  •     circular shower;
  •     psychologist consultation.


For metabolic diseases:

  •     dietician consultations;
  •     special alimentary therapeutics;
  •     underwater massage;
  •     High-pressure  shower;
  •     remedial gymnastics.